Remington 300 H&H Magnum Ammunition 180 GR
Lot Number:2530
Start Time:3/8/2024 7:00:00 AM
End Time:3/26/2024 11:29:09 PM
Bid Count:14
High bidder:5013 (Ohio)
Starting Bid:$10.00
Bid Increment:$2.50
Current Bid:$45.00
Bidding complete

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•Auction End Date and Time: Auction will begin ending Tuesday March 26th. 7:00 P.M. with a soft close and staggered ending.
PREVIEW DATE: Preview by appointment only at the auction office located at 135 South Wilkinson Ave. Sidney, Ohio
•Auction Pick-Up Date/Removal: All firearm purchases will be by appointment only during regular business hours. All other items Thursday March 28th. 3:30-5:00 P.M.
*BUYERS PREMIUM: A Buyers premium of 15% will be charged on each purchase Unless otherwise stated. A buyers premium, an advertised percentage of the high bid or flat fee added to the high bid will be added to the high bid and become part of the purchase amount at settlement. Buyer agrees to these provisions and will pay the applicable buyers premium.
*By Law Ohio Sales Tax of (7.25%) shall be charged to Ohio residents unless we have a tax exempt certificate on file. If you are claiming exemption for re-sale you MUST update your tax exempt number under profile on the website.
*Payment: For all invoices under $ 2,000.00 the credit card on file will be charged. Invoices over $ 2,000.00 will require CASH, Check or wire transfer. Coins and Bullion will require payment in Cash, Local Check or wire transfer only. 
An invoice will be sent to your registered e-mail address within 24 hours following the conclusion of the auction. If you do not receive an invoice, please check the dashboard under "PROFILE"-"INVOICES"
You MUST present a paid invoice before you can remove your items.
You as the buyer are responsible for keeping your credit card on file and up to date.
All applicable gun laws will be observed. Individuals who hold the winning bid on firearms will have to complete a Firearms Transaction Record form 4473 in the presence of Vondenhuevel Auctioneers LLC staff at our location and have a National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) check performed before taking possession of those firearms. If you hold an active CCW, you will not need to complete a background check but will need to complete a Firearms Transaction Record Part I – Over-the-Counter form as specified above. We still require that you have a State issue Driver's License. If the buyer is unable to take possession of the firearm, a 20% restocking fee will be assessed on the winning bid and buyer's premium forfeited. (If you cannot pass the background check, please do not bid on firearms).
Unless stated as new in the box (NIB) all firearms should be considered used and may have imperfections in appearance. Please personally inspect firearms before purchase or view all photos before placing a bid. Auction Company does NOT test fire weapons. All ammunition offered are original factory loads.
Responsibility of Purchase & NICS Background Check: Make sure that you are eligible to own firearms before bidding.
As an FFL, Vondenhuevel Auctioneers LLC. DBA Abby Arms is required to stop the transaction of a firearm if the information provided by the purchaser in the Firearms Transaction Record gives us reason to believe that a person is prohibited from the purchase of firearms. In this case, we will stop the transaction process and NOT proceed with the NICS background check. If the outcome of a bidder’s NICS background check does not allow us to proceed with the transfer of the firearm to that bidder, the bidder shall be charged a 20% restocking fee and the buyers premium will be forfeited. Again, make sure you are eligible to own firearms before bidding.
If a NICS background check results in a “Proceed” response, Vondenhuevel Auctioneers LLC. DBA Abby Arms will transfer the firearm(s) directly to the person whom the NICS check was performed on. Vondenhuevel Auctioneers LLC. WILL NOT give the firearm(s) to a spouse, relative, or any other individual.
If a NICS background check results in a “Deny” response, the bidder will still be responsible for payment of their firearms purchase as outlined in the terms of this auction. The NICS system is a descriptor-based name search and it is possible for purchasers to be erroneously denied. We will provide a purchaser who feels he/she has been erroneously denied with information on the appeals process.
If a NICS background check results in a “Delay” response, the bidder will still be responsible for payment of their firearms purchase as outlined in the terms of this auction. Again, the NICS system is a descriptor-based name search and sometimes time is needed to differentiate the true purchaser from other individuals with the same name, etc. If no further response is received by Vondenhuevel Auctioneers LLC., the firearm may be transferred after 5 business days.
Straw Purchases: Be advised that it is illegal to make a “straw purchase” of a firearm. A straw purchase is when the actual buyer of a firearm uses another person to execute the paperwork necessary to purchase a firearm from an FFL. If Vondenhuevel Auctioneers LLC. has reason to believe that a bidder has made a straw purchase; the bidder will be held responsible for payment of his/her bids and will NOT receive the firearm.
Gun Purchaser: We require the person who is paying for the firearm, to be the person who picks up the gun, fills out the paperwork and passes the background check. Once again not your spouse, brother , mother, uncle, pastor, etc.
"STAGGERED ENDING" Lots will begin closing at the designated time at a rate of 3 lots every minute. Please watch the countdown timer on each lot.
“A MAX BID” may be placed on any item and the computer will bid on your behalf, thus eliminating the need to “babysit” your bids. This option is highly recommended so you do not miss out on the item you are bidding on for any reason.
“THE SOFT CLOSE” feature which means any bid received in the final minutes of the auction will auto extend bidding on that particular item or lot by 5 minutes thus allowing a backup bidder the opportunity to raise their bid. In the event you do not use the MAX BID feature and you are out bid you will be notified via e-mail or text that you have been outbid and will have the opportunity to raise your bid.
GENERAL TERMS: The auction will be conducted by Vondenhuevel Auctioneers LLC.  The auction shall be governed by the terms set forth herein (the agreement), and any additional terms and conditions that are posted concerning the specific property. The Agreement constitutes a valid, binding contract between individuals participating in the auction with the intent to purchase property, referred to as the Bidder or Buyer, and Seller/Auctioneer. The term Bidder or Buyer shall include, but not limited to, the individual or the company represented by the individual and any and all of its agents, employees, representatives, officers, and directors. Auctioneer is not responsible for statements made by the Bidder, Buyer, or other parties. Auctioneer reserves the right to periodically change the terms and conditions of the Agreement, which shall be effective immediately upon posting. It is the Bidders responsibility to review any and all changes made to these terms and conditions prior to bidding on property. The act of submitting a bid shall constitute Bidder acceptance of each and every term and condition contained herein, any additional terms and conditions posted with the property, and any changes made within the full agreement. All persons attending, inspecting or removing property assume all risks whatsoever of damage or loss to person and property and specifically release the Auctioneer from all liability. Auctioneer is not liable by reason of any defect in, or condition of, the property or the premises on which the preview/sale is held. Auctioneer is released for any claims to actual damage to the property sold and or consequential damages that may result from the sale of defective property.

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